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Architecture and Antiquities - Clive Wainwright
Barley Splatt - Lucinda Lambton
Barley Splatt - Country Life -1985
Barley Splatt - Art and Design -1991
One Man's Masterpiece - Clive Fewins - 2009
The Twentieth Century Society Barley Splatt

I have, since early memories, always had an interest in architecture and its ornamentation, particularly that of the Gothic Revival and the theoretical publishing of Pugin, Owen Jones, Christopher Dresser in particular.

Barley Splatt, the result of a collaboration between that fine architect, Martin Johnson and myself (I being the builder in chief) was worked on for some thirty years. It has not been completed to Johnson and my original designs because my son and wife used it as a means of borrowing monies to finance their particular wishes. Edmund Ovenden such luxury goods as the twelve cylinder rear engined Ferrari, a Cessna 172 and properties in Bodmin and Lostwithiel. Alas the debts run up by him and my wife could not be serviced and Barley Splatt had to be sold. I have not received a single penny for my almost continual work on what was to be a lifetime project. My son and wife have embezzled me to the tune of some £600,000. The police know the situation and (putting it politely) their lack of application in this matter amounts to little more than conspiracy to withhold the truth of the situation. There will be more to follow on this!