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The Anna Raccoon Archives

Graham Ovenden and Blind Justice

Probably the two most succinct reviews of the supposed “dark deeds” of Graham Ovenden come from Anna Raccoon and the Spectator (Brandon O'Neill). I leave you to read their words and come to a justified conclusion of their merit.

There is though, a need to expand a little on the accusations (as reported in Anna Raccoon's article) of JB and the subsequent dismissal of all her accusations (but two) by the Jury. Subsequent research has found implication on her part (as also her mother) with Edmund Ovenden in the embezzlement of Graham Ovenden's property to the tune of some £900,000 and together with Graham Ovenden's wife, the stealing of the bulk of his collections. (See the Garage Press site for further implications).

JB in her testifying against Graham Ovenden at Truro Crown Court accused him of many a vile act (including the taping of eyes and taste game, an invention of Donna Bury). All the most serious charges, as with the other three witnesses for the prosecution, were found not guilty by the jury against Mr Ovenden and this despite Judge Graham Cottle's endeavours to steer the twelve men and woman towards a guilty verdict. It may be well to note here that Cottle, whose reputation for such inappropriate behaviour, was common amongst the Judiciary, died a short while after his retirement due to complications during hip replacement surgery. No doubt the all seeing Gods that be, gave him this demise as a just reward for his past misdemeanours.

The present hiatus witnessed in Parliament gives some thought as to the extreme limitations of the legislature to come forward with ideas and laws which are commendable, of true benefit to the citizens of the United Kingdom. Both, Governments and their servants of Mammon (the police forces and Judiciary in particular) have shown themselves to be degenerate, this to the extent of promoting the officer involved in the murder of the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes in the London Underground, to be the senior Police representative in Great Britain. Murder is murder however you may wish to manipulate the circumstances and subsequently the senior court concerned, giving a verdict of Lawful Killing, on this utterly disgraceful and vicious act shows the moral bankruptcy of the Judiciary. No doubt the present senior member of the Police Force shows her ambition at a level far greater than her humanity. This combined with the ineptitude of the police in general (I refer you to Mathew Parris's excellent, also brave, article in the Times) gives very little hope of any improvement in the near future.