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Sample of Correspondence seized by the police back in 2006

Much of this material has never been returned. There was some speculation in the press as to why the level of support against the allegations was not presented by the defence, but all of that material was in police hands and much needed for any appeal still has not been returned.

Why this material should be classified as 'Clearly not disclosable' is something of a mystery, and that the police even went to the trouble of tracking down their whereabouts so as to be able to interview them, but it appears Cherryl past away in 2004.

The statement of one model Ovenden was able to recall photographing in 1973, not long after moving to Barley Splatt, when she was ten years of age can be found on-line:
I was one of Graham Ovendens’ ‘models’. This beautiful man, was a perfect photographer. He was kind and patient, while I sat wearing clothes that I chose. At no time did he touch me in any way. This man is a wonderful artist and human being…. I was never asked to take my clothes off, I was able to wear what I wanted and how I wanted to wear it. If I was ever naked and a photograph was taken, I knew what was happening and was free; not sexuallised in any way. I wish Graham a happy, healthy, carefree life.

And going back in time, the model originally interviewed in relation to the 'States of Grace' investigation in the US is also well reported:
I have known Graham Ovenden as a family friend for fourteen years – since I was four years old. I have modeled for Graham on numerous occasions – in fact, too numerous to count – for both his photographs and paintings. I have modeled for him both clothed and fully nude, both alone and with other children.... The portrait which the United States has charged as indecent is a portrait of me as I was eight years ago. I am not acting in a sexual way in the picture and Graham never asked me to sexual or treated me as a sexual object. The accusation that the image is "obscene" is, to me, an accusation that I am 'obscene,' something to which I take offense.

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