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When does sin come of age
and is the gauge that judges such
a figment of corrupted flesh
too bitter then to stay the test of youth?

The truth ... is devil Time
who fills each willing mind with 'modest' thoughts.

Respectability, that euphemism for a living death:
conformity, the negation of all but breath
(and even this at last is took).
Oh child, have care which tract within you look.

Discard the treasons made by laws,
all vicious reasons for those saws
that men have told to hold your soul ...

Would not it better, fancy, freedom be the goal?

Yes, damn all matrons mouthing 'God'
the men of black who play the sod to law
(their practice parasitic as that whore).

How poor they are in truth,
their pay is age
and death the interest on that wage!