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Ancient Landscapes, Pastoral Visions: Samuel Palmer to the Ruralists

ISBN 10: 185149569X ISBN 13: 9781851495696
Publisher: ACC Art Books, 2008

135. Graham Ovenden (1943-) Through the Window of Mine Eyes or the Communion of the Trees oil on canvas, 950 x 1220 mm Peter and Renata Nahum

Graham Ovenden describes his work thus:
Fugue - 'The flight of the parts' - with­in the severest architectonic structure we may achieve the greatest spiritual freedom, and thus the intertwining pil­lars of vigorous growth stand as portals framing the infinite domain of Eden...
The intense luminous deepening of the night sky, the symbol of our ever-fu­ture search into the greater mystery of the univers.
The full moon and attendant sky being the symbol not only of unsullied grace but also the fecund benediction of the reflected sun, thus our sensuality is made whole.
The lower light of the evening sky tells of the journey towards paradise, the 'garden of grace', which lays always just beyond attainment: an unrequited long­ing touched by the edge of anguish.
The soft luminous sward that is the garden of our spirit, cultivated through light out of the coming darkness - the compassion of Pan's domain ever loving in its fulfilment.